Everyone who’s ever gone through tough times knows the power of a smile. When you can smile and feel joy, even if it’s just for a moment, it can provide a much-needed break from stress and sadness. That’s why Smile Meditation is the perfect practice – it encourages us to take a few moments in our busy days to appreciate ourselves and recognize the blessing of joy all around us.

A. Definition of Smile Meditation:

Smile Meditation is a simple and accessible form of mindfulness, a mental practice which has been shown to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression in numerous studies. At its core, Smile Meditation is rooted in positivity – it encourages us to focus on and savor all the joy that exists in our lives. To practice Smile Meditation, you don’t need any special equipment, just an intention to savor the feeling of joy.

B. Aim of Smile Meditation:

The aim of Smile Meditation is to create a space and time for us to consciously pause and recognize the joy in our lives from a place of acceptance, non-judgment and compassion. Practicing Smile Meditation regularly can help to cultivate positive emotions, reduce stress and anxiety and even induce positive changes in our brains and overall body health!

What is Smile Meditation and why practice it?

We all experience tough days, feeling down in the dumps or just generally overwhelmed. Fortunately, there’s a simple, quick practice you can do to boost your mood, improve your mindset and start feeling more content and peaceful – Smile Meditation. In this article we’ll explore what Smile Meditation is, the benefits of practicing it, and how to do it.

A. Benefits of Smile Meditation

When you take a moment to pause, take some deep breaths and smile, you can experience a host of positive benefits. Smile Meditation is said to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also help you to cultivate a brighter outlook and dispose toward more positive thoughts when life’s not going your way. Research has also demonstrated direct links between relaxation, deeper connection to oneself, and more mindful self-awareness after a smile meditation session. In addition, the practice has been said to help realign with your heart’s natural and ever-present joy.

B. How Smile Meditation Works

Smile meditation is an easy practice that consists of three simple steps. Firstly, set aside a few moments in your day, choosing either somewhere comfortable or where you feel connected to nature, such as sitting in a park or on the beach. Tune in and take a moment to take some calming breaths. Now, notice the sensation of a smile forming on your lips and bring your awareness to it. Notice how your cheeks, lips, and chin feel as you cultivate your smile. Take a few moments to just experience the feeling of smiling and see how it enhances a feeling of warmth and love within. From here, keep up a feeling of lightheartedness and joy. There’s no need to force a continuing smile, just maintaining a feeling of connection with that joy and keep the energy circulating within you.

Smile Meditation is a fantastic tool to help reintegrate joy and peace into our lives when feeling overwhelmed or low. This ancient practice has already been used by cultures worldwide. So why don’t you try it for yourself to experience the many joy-inducing benefits of Smile Meditation?

Smile Meditation Techniques

A. Relaxation Techniques
Smile meditation is a great way to take a moment and feel joy. To start this type of meditation, begin by slipping into a comfortable position and relaxing your muscles, releasing any tension that’s present. Start at your feet, imagining the tension draining away with each breath you exhale. Move your way up through your legs, torso, neck and arms, then bring your awareness to your face, relaxing your forehead, brow, cheeks, and jaw. Allowing a smile to come naturally to your face.

B. Breathing Techniques

Now, take a few moments to focus on your breath. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your stomach. Close your eyes, and take slow and gentle breaths, feeling your belly and chest rising and falling with each inhalation. With each exhalation, imagine yourself breathing out any worries, concerns, or stress. As you focus on your breath, draw your attention to the warmth of the smile that you’re wearing, and take a moment to really feel that warmth and the joy that’s present.

C. Visualizing Techniques

Once you feel more rooted and grounded in your body, it’s time to imagine the feeling of joy. Imagine how joy looks to you. Does it look like a rainbow? Or maybe a garden of vibrant flowers? Who is in this image of joy? Are you surrounded by people who are laughing and smiling? Take a few moments to really visualize this feeling in all its glory. As you do so, you might even feel the sensation of joy arise within you. Allow yourself to connect with the joy in your own unique way.

Guidelines to Follow while Practicing Smile Meditation

A. Commit to Your Practice
The first step to mastering Smile Meditation is to make a commitment to practice. Taking a few moments each day to devote to your meditation practice can be life-changing. Regular practice helps to open the heart, allowing joy to find a place in your life. Establishing a routine and setting a schedule will help keep you motivated and committed to dedicating and savoring the few moments of joy that Smile Meditation brings.

B. Make Time for Smile Meditation
It’s important to make time for Smile Meditation each and every day. Many of us live busy lives, but if you can take a few moments to sit, relax, and practice Smile Meditation, you will be rewarded with a sense of joy and peace that lasts throughout the rest of your day. Maybe you can start just by taking two minutes out of your day. Two minutes that is all it takes to give yourself the gift of focusing on feeling joyful.

C. Be Consistent
Now that you’ve made the commitment to practice Smile Meditation, it is important to stay consistent. Find a comfortable place to sit, relax and focus on the feeling of joy that Smile Meditation allows you to experience. Overtime you will gain a better understanding of how to access the joy in those few moments and will let the happiness find its place in your life. Remember to always be consistent in your practice and you will reap the rewards.


To recap, Smile Meditation is a powerful practice where you take a moment to focus on a genuine feeling of joy and appreciation. As you focus on your feelings, you can then allow them to expand outward and fill your entire being. Through this practice, it is possible to open yourself to the rewarding experience of true, lasting joy and inner peace.

Smile Meditation is a valuable tool to help you experience true happiness from the inside out. By taking a moment to remember the positive things in life and to focus on those feelings, you can center your energy and focus on what matters most. As you spend time doing this practice, you may find that you get better at identifying and tapping into happiness in your own life. There’s real power in taking a few moments every day to reset your mental state and to access the deep reserve of joy that lies within you. Even a short amount of Smile Meditation can provide positive benefits and helps you to gain a renewed appreciation for life.

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